This beautiful woman let me do her makeup, with our amazing cosmetics!!

This beautiful woman let me do her makeup, with our amazing cosmetics!!

We started as most mums do with tea and coffee chatted about family, children, work and everything else in between. 

We sat down and firstly I cleaned her face removed any makeup or moisturisers and applied my favourite colour correcting primer, honestly she had the most softest skin but it was also dry and slightly flakey around her nose area. With the primer it brightened up her skin ready for the foundation. 

We matched her skin to the Vanilla shade and these were all matte foundations but I applied using a blender slightly wet from a primer spray. Once applied I did her eyeshadow. We started off using the HUDA Beauty naughty pallet these had subtle shades perfect for her. I curled her lashes and applied mascara, and added beautiful mink lashes Avery using our clear glue pen. I topped it off with the 3in1 wing stamp liner 

For her cheeks I used the flower blusher pallet 01 and with this less is more it is super pigmented and you do want to look like your ready for the drag runway. *Tip pat off excess on the side of the pallet* make sure you don’t have cream carpet underneath or we’ll….you know. We added a subtle glow using sweet highlighter palette on the top of her cheek bones and a little on her brow bone and tip of her nose. 

We took so many breaks in between and chatted through out so we did take longer than expected! 

For lips we used Kiya lipstick kept it light and subtle and something to catch the light for pictures 

She was so confident in her poses and really enjoyed the camera love having her with me for the day! Thanks for reading this!! 

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